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Welcome to the ONE Citizens Portal

To use this site you will need to first register and then you can make an application.

Site Status - one known issue

If applying for a faith school the tick box is not working. Please instead write your reasons in the other reasons box on the following page and make sure you complete the relevant supplementary form if you meet the criteria.

If you have difficulty registering, logging in or changing your password

Please contact us for help - contact details below.


The site backs up data from 10.30pm each night - so you will not be able to make an application at this time. If you are in the middle of an application you will not be able to complete it and changes will be lost. We are only able to support you during office hours, so please contact us if you are having problems.

Warning - System Timeout

The system times out, so if you are imputing a large amount of text, you should write it in a different document first and then copy and paste so you don't lose what you have written.