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Welcome to West Berkshire's online school admissions service

Here, school applications can be made for entry into the 2016/2017 Academic Year.

Please contact the school admissions team if you have a problem: There are currently no known issues with the site.

In Year School Admissions

To make applications for other year groups in the current academic year please visit:

This online admissions service is only available for West Berkshire Parents or Carers

If you live outside of West Berkshire but would like to apply to West Berkshire schools you must apply to your home local council. Applications from overseas will not be accepted unless from returning crown servants or military families with a posting to the area.

Important to read before making your application

Before completeing the application visit or for information and advice which includes admission policies, dates and supplementary forms which you may need to complete to improve your chances of being offered a place in some schools.

Date of Birth ranges for eligible children

Entry into Infant/Primary School (Reception Year): 01/09/11 - 31/08/12 (closing date is 15 January 2016)
Entry into Junior School (Year 3): 01/09/08 - 31/08/09 closing date is 15 January 2016)
Entry into Secondary School (Year 7): 01/09/04 - 31/08/05 (closing date is 31 October 2015)

Email notification

Please be aware that the system is currently sending more than one email to confirm registration, password changes, application completion. Please just ignore further emails.


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